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Question 1

What is the For Nigerians By Nigerians Initiative all about?


For Nigerians By Nigerians is a Non-Governmental Initiative aimed at assisting Individuals, Cooperatives and Organizations seeking to create value in the form of generating alternate sources of income, building retirement plans or giving back to society by way of CSR or Philanthropic Activities, achieve same.

We do this by assisting in the setting up and management of any crop or livestock farm of choice profitably thereby creating job opportunities.

At present, the initiative is working towards setting up a minimum of 20 farms within each of the 774 LGA’s in Nigeria or within any of the Incubator Facilities (Cluster Farms) located Nationwide. In the process, we intend to create 100,000 jobs.

Question 2

Who are the Promoters of the Initiative?


The initiative is championed by the Dominican Centre for Human Resources Development (DCHRD), an NGO, whose focus is geared towards Human Capital Development and LastPrice.com Business Consultants.

Question 3

Benefits of the Initiative?


 The Initiative is aimed at assisting Individuals, Cooperatives and Organizations:

  • Create Alternative Sources of Income
  • Build Retirement Plans and
  • Desirous of giving back to society by way of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or Philanthropic Activities, achieve same.

Achievement on the aforementioned will lead to job creation and improvement in the socio-economic wellbeing of the nation.

Question 4

How can I be a part of the Initiative?


Everyone can play a role either as Job Creators, Job Seekers or Ambassadors helping to spread the word. Please visit www.ForNigeriansByNigerians.com and share the Initiative on social media by clicking on any of the share options available.

Question 5

If I don't have land is it possible to benefit from the Initiative?


 Yes, a farm can be set up within any of the Cluster Farms (Incubators) located in any of the various sites within Nigeria. It’s possible for intending investors to lease out land at very minimal cost within any of these facilities.

Question 6

What is Cluster Farming?


Cluster Farming is system that creates value by merging several smallholder farms within close proximity into a Farming Hub so that each can enjoy economies of scale such as bulk purchase of feeds and provision of portable water, security and expertise.

The goal is for each smallholder farm to share both the benefits and burdens of creating successful and efficiently run farms. Please contact us if interested.




Question 7

 What if I’m a novice in Agriculture, how do I benefit from this initiative?


While it’s essential for any promoter to have overview knowledge of any endeavour they intend to engage in, project supervisors and consultants will be contracted to ensure the smooth setting up of the farm. In addition, competent management will be put in place to ensure smooth running of operations. That said, we would be happy to provide you with a crash course on any endeavour of choice.

Question 8

 Who shall be responsible for setting up the farm?


An Accredited Consultant will be appointed to oversee the setting up of the farm. S/he will be responsible for:

  • Conducting a field inspection of the proposed farm location.
  • Preparing a detailed Bill of Quantity for the construction of the Farm.
  • Providing seed stock from existing reserves of DCHRD or partners such as IITA for the initial and continuous stocking of the farm.
  • Providing a Business Plan (inclusive of Feasibility study and Financial Projections).             
  • Providing Onsite/ Offsite Staff Training.                              
  • Provision of a Production / Management Manual for Operational Guidance.                              
  • Planning and designing of a Farm Layout and Production Facilities.   
  • Provision of training on adequate data and record keeping skills.
  • And any other deliverable that may be required.


The further engagement of the Consultant to oversee the implementation of aforementioned field deliverables as well as preparation of working drawings for construction of the facilities so as to allow for future expansion may also be considered.

Question 9

Why can’t I do this on my own? What are the benefits of signing up with For Nigerians By Nigerians?


Setting up a farm is not rocket science. However, it’s an investment that demands, time, commitment and expertise. There is a very thin line between setting up a successful and economically viable farm and loosing ones investment. We understand the business of setting up successful projects and will lead you through the pitfalls and challenges.

Question 10

How much is required to set up a farm?


The cost of setting up a farm is a measure of scale. Capital required to set up is not specific but tailored to meet the expected output or capacity of the farm. However, advise will be given on the minimum investment required for the establishment of commercially viable farms.

Question 11

Can I own a farm and still maintain my day job?


Absolutely! The For Nigerians By Nigerians Initiative will set up and manage any crop or livestock farm of choice profitably within any of the 774 LGA’s in Nigeria. In addition, competent management and farm hands will be appointed if required to manage the day-to-day activities on the farm. However, it’s mandatory that each promoter has one or two representatives on his farm to oversee the daily activities.

Question 12

I live in the city and would like to set up a farm in my village, how do I go about it?


Due to congestion and the need to prevent rural-urban migration, we encourage people in urban areas to set up farms in rural areas. Simply send us an application with the intended farm project and desired location, and we’ll take it up from there.

Question 13

Is there any consultancy fee involved?


Yes. Experts will be engaged who will ensure that all the pit-falls of setting up farms are adequately mitigated and structures are put in place to ensure the farm is run efficiently. Naturally, this expert will have to be paid. However, For Nigerians By Nigerians is geared towards ensuring the best expertise is secured at the minimal possible cost.

Question 14

Can I get financial support?


Entrepreneurs seeking financial support in starting and managing their farms will be assisted in the form of grants when available. In addition, they will also be provided with the requisite financial advice to make their project financially viable and attractive to investors, development banks and other financial institutions.


Question 15

Do I need to make any payment or solicit anyone to get a Job?


For Nigerians By Nigerians or any of its representatives will not demand payment of any type or compensation from any job seeker to be considered for a job. Please report any demand in this regard here.

Question 16:

How can I help promote For Nigerians By Nigerians? Will I get paid for it?


For Nigerians By Nigerians always welcomes support in the form of awareness from the public and will pay a token to anyone that plays an instrumental role in the setting up of a farm.
Tell a friend about us.


Question 17

What if I’m a novice in Agriculture, how do I benefit from this initiative?


The DCHRD provides different training packages from a one (1) week crash course program to a nine (9) month integrated training programme tailored to meet the needs of anyone interested in gaining the required competence for managing or working on a farm.

Question 18

If selected, where do I get to work?


In a bid to reduce inconvenience of prospective job seekers, farms will be managed by individuals living within the locality of the farm being set up.

Question 19

What qualifications are most sought after?


Eligibility to work within this initiative is open to candidates from all educational backgrounds, Arts, Sciences and Commerce. However, premium will be given to individuals with background in the agro value chain. It’s important to mention that attitude and not aptitude is the watchword.

Remember, “the illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn” – Alvin Toffle.

Question 20

How much can I earn on the Job?


The positions available on any farm varies from farmhands to farm managers and the payment is varied and dependent on factors such as the capacity of the farm and operational costs. However, the centre will mediate in all cases to ensure a mutually agreeable salary structure between the promoter and the intended job seeker, in line with economic realities, is attained.

Thank you for taking time out to read our FAQ’s. We hope the answers to these questions have been helpful.

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